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Aion Analysis of Class Selection

Aion players more or less.aion gold) are classified according to function: Close Combat: Templar, Assassin, Gladiator. Long-range Combat: Sorcerer, Ranger, Spiritmaster. Healing: Cleric, Chanter. If o..


Aion Updated Patch Notes Introduces Many Fixes

Aether extraction captcha and broker search options round out an interesting listWith the already bursting patch notes list for Aion patch 1.5.1, NCsoft has added to the preliminary list with even mor..


Guide for Stigma in Aion

mmook. Hope you have a wonderful time on our site , I think after you read this article , you will find it is important for you in Aion , This article I collect from other site , so just take a minute..


PK guardian at the time of selection and key skills

aion kina disrupt the rhythm of the other party to win more opportunities for their own! Lord God of double balanced so they are in fact opening all the time, I was fighting to see progress.aion gold ..