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Black Prophecy News


Black Prophecy - Launch Trailer

Black Prophecy. OnRPG is tremendously excited at this announcement as our previous time in beta revealed tremendous lag in the starting zones that made the game nearly unplayable for West Coast player..


Black Prophecy, Now Live in Europe

Black Prophecy is now live and open to all players in Europe. Patrick Streppel, Executive Board Member at gamigo, the makers of Black Prophecy, said this: Theres no doubt for us that Black Prophecy wi..


Space-action MMO Open Beta

Black Prophecy awaits you in the winter of this year. In mid-August, gamescom on the computer game trade fair will grant Publisher gamigo further insights into the online game.Black Prophecy Money).Bl..


Black Prophecy Behind the Scenes

Black Prophecy is that it looks amazing. The graphics are truly breathtaking, especially for a free-to-play game. Space is an impressive place to just hang about and sight-see, including distinctly di..


Black Prophecy: The Sky Is No Longer The Limit 1

Black Prophecy is developed by gamigo a studio that is based in Germany, and it is the first Sci-Fi Space MMOG. This game provides a lot of action-oriented gameplay which can be played from a third-pe..


Reactions to Reakktor's beautiful space flight MMO

Black Prophecy Gold. Reakktor has developed its own clan server technology. Many ships will need to be manned by more than one pilot and will require a crew, so multiple players can help guide and nav..