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Earthrise Sci-Fi MMO Faces Stiff Competition

Earthrise launches. With its blend of open PvP, territorial control of resources, skill-based progression instead of class based and reliance on character gear as well as ability, this shooter is look..


Masthead Studios Unveils Future Plans for Earthrise

Earthrise will be released soon. The developer Masthead Studios just revealed the new contents that will be implemented in the first half.Earthrise Credits)the vehicles will be brought to you.


Earthrise launches with screenshots galore

Earthrise. Just looking at these screenshots brings me back to my first experience playing MMOs, back with Anarchy Online. One thing is for certain, the graphics are much better than AO, and it looks ..


Earthrise Division Support

Earthrise. The date, as it stands now, is less than 2 months away and as we prepare for this launch, ALL members of this guild need to be extremely cooperative in helping this guild make it a successf..


Masthead Studios Announces Delay for upcoming MMORPG Earthrise Release

Earthrise development team was viciously destroyed by a Jaberwokie, Masthead Studios announced that the release of their upcoming MMORPG Earthrise Credits has been pushed back from their original proj..


Earthrise - Massive Discount(Digital Version) and Free Expansion

Earthrise Credits (both the digital and retail version) will be able to try a free Territorial Warfare expansion. The expansion will double the size of the Earthrise game world, adding a great deal of..