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Hunter Blade: Upgrading Knack of Lv30-35

Hunter Blade, Lv30 is a symbol of hunting skill maturity. After you reached Lv30, you may find the difficulty is increased and the instances are not that easy to handle any more. This time, we will ta..


Hunter Blade Goes English,Closed Beta Begins

Hunter Blade, known as the Chinese version of Monster Hunter Frontier Online seems to have an English server. Developed by JoyChina, Hunter Blade is a 3D action MMORPG features gorgeous graphics and d..


New MMORPG Game Coming Soon

Hunter Blade, developed by Joy China Beijing, takes 3 years to complete. As a 3D action MMORPG, it has not only splendid visual performance, powerful actions design, but also 25 different gigantic gam..


Hunter's Blade - More Interesting news

Hunter Blade Gold)due to the fact, the games are look alikes, and if they ACTUALLY did release MHFO to the west and other places, people would actually like it.Capcom-Unity started that Project Cherry..


Hunter Blade: Collection of Top Boss

Hunter Blade are so punchy that you will quail while facing them. On the other hand, killing them makes you feel the sense of achievement and satisfactory.Hunter Blade Gold) with green moss covered. S..


Hunter Blade: Game for Warriors - Star Instance

Hunter Blade, star instance is a kind of hero instance for Lv70 and above. Also your Reputation should be 16,000 or higher to enter the Star Instance.Hunter Blade Gold) level up to 70 and experience i..


Hunter Blade Comprehensive Test Report

Hunter Blade is a masterpiece changed for three times and developed secretly for almost five years by Joychina. As a large-scale online game of 3D action role playing, it not only has shining picture ..