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Kitsu Saga Open Beta Commences

Kitsu Sagas open beta test has officially started. If you were in the closed beta test, then you should be glad to know that Aeria Games has some unique in-game prizes in store for you. Aeria Games wa..


Kitsu Saga OBT: Latest Wallpapers Released

Kitsu Saga staff to fix bugs and make many refinements and improvements, the open beta has started. Today, we will bring oceans of Kitsu Saga wallpapers to take up your desktop, keeping your desktop f..


Prepare for Your in Kitsu Saga Open Beta Testing

Kitsu Saga is a new anime themed martial arts MMORPG developed by X-Legend, the same studio behind Grand Fantasia. The game vibrant, anime inspired graphics and an oriental setting. Players from two p..


Kitsu Saga 1st Closed Beta Live

Kitsu Saga, the latest title in Aeria Games catalog of free-to-play online games, starts the first closed beta test today. If you still have not gotten the key to the Kitsu Sagas CBT, you can take you..


Kitsu Saga Unleashes Full Release, New Holiday Content

Kitsu Saga is now in full commercial release, with free, open access to all players, and the availability of an in-game Item Mall for premium virtual goods. Kitsu Saga, a colorful MMORPG that pairs pl..


Kitsu Saga The Adventure Begins

Kitsu Saga offers traditional MMORPG gameplay with plenty of twists. For example, players have a constant fox spirit companion called a Kitsu at their side. Originally known as JS Online in Asia, Aeri..