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Planes of Power Guide for LaTale

The fourth LaTale expansion Planes of Power is not only a very challenging but also a really rewarding expansion. This walk-through provides you with cutting-edge insider info and will reveal the secrets of the planes.

No matter if you want to hunt for experience or are out to explore new and unknown areas - with this guide at your side you will know where to go and what to do. Learn the strategies of the pros and share their knowledge of well-guarded secrets:

Highlights of the latale ely Planes of Power Guide:

The best experience places in the entire expansion

Step-by-step quest walk-throughs(Latale Ely)

Strategy guides for specific zones

A massive collection quest spoilers and insiders in latale ely

Get to know the background and layout of the expansion

Zones and strategies: 17 different PoP zone-guides contain step-by-step by info and tell you where to get the best rewards(La Tale Gold).

Strategies to take down different mobs, ways of acquiring well-worthy information and much much more - this will become your Planes of Power knowledge resource number one.

Quests: The quest compilation guides you through the planes with detailed instructions for the 20 most important quests and tasks. Gain powerful items while advancing through the expansion.

Leveling: Powerleveling at its best from level 1 to 65 - simply the best places to gain experience in the Planes of Power and on your way to Latale Gold.


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