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Maple Story Rejoice in the mood of Maple

In conjunction with Maple Story SEA's 3rd anniversary, we are proud to bring to you a huge list of highlights, events, items and much much more!

Immerse yourself in a world of maple story mesos leafs and check out the awesome new hairstyles!

Be sure to check out on the various quests only available during this limited time period. Do not miss out on any of it!

Below are the details of happenings in the 0.56 version update:

maple story mesos SEA's 3rd Anniversary Party Events
(14th May 2008 ~ 2nd July 2008)

1. maple story mesos Item Drops

The ever sort after 1st Anniversary and 2nd Anniversary Maple Items are back once more just for YOU!

2. Collect the maple story mesos items and Maple leaf!

Be sure to get yourself a new set of tantalizing 3rd Anniversary Items and Scrolls at the Maple Administrator.

3. Maple Hat: Administrator, Level 5 and above

Always wanted a Maple Hat? Now you can attain and further upgrade it by speaking with a Maple Administrator.

4. maplestory mesos Earring Quest: Olaf, Level 10 and above

Tired of your everyday earrings? Wait no further! Complete the quest given by Olaf of Lith Harbor and get a sweet pair of Maple Leaf Earrings now!

5. Fortune Telling Quest: Cassandra

Visit Cassandra and have your fortunes told!

6. Aramia's Fireworks: Aramia, all classes

Missed the fun? Share the joy with your loved ones now! Collect the power kegs and bring them to Aramia to set off the fireworks. Witness the beautiful sight together and indulge yourself once again!

7. Level Up Event, level 2 and above

Boring leveling? Cheer up! Now, with every level gained you will unlock an event. So look forward to leveling!

8. Everyday Event: Cassandra

Speak to Cassandra to activate a different quest everyday.


Quest bonus of Extra 40% EXP will be given every time user complete a particular quest (up to 5 quests for the day) Eg. If the quest reward is 10k Exp, and if this is one of the first 5 quests you are attempting on the day, you will be rewarded with 14k Exp instead of 10k Exp.


Exchange 40 maplestory mesos Leafs for 3rd Anniversary scrolls of your choice. Available at 1600, 1800, 2000, 2200, 2300hrs (+8 GMT). Only 10 scrolls available for each ch.(Originally 3rd Anniversary scroll can be exchanged with 1000 Maple Leafs)


2X Drop rate From 00 to 30 min during 1500~2100 hrs (Eg. 1500~1530, 1600~1630 hrs)

3rd Anniversary scrolls, same as Tuesday

Mob hunting - Extra EXP will be given when hunting designated mobs.

Quest bonus, same as Monday
3rd Anniversary scrolls, same as Tuesday.
9. Cassandra's Quiz Event: Cassandra

Think you know cheap mesos SEA well? Be rewarded with when you get the answers right!


Celebrate MapleSEA's 3rd Anniversary with 2 new mobs! Check out the Big Puff Daddy decorated with strawberries and the yummie looking Anniversary Cake covered in chocolate fudge!!!

New Hairstyles In Cashshop

Not trendy enough? Get your new hairstyles now!

- Kerning Bi-Colored Bangs
- Ludibrium
Petite Wave
- Kerning Rock Star Hair
- Showa
Wind Shaggy Cut
- Henesys Girlish Up Style
- Showa
- Henesys Pin-Up Style
Mohegan Look
- Ludibrium Super Diva

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