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Maplestory Guide for Pierce

Pierce is one of the strongest mob skills in Maplestory, beaten only by a Mage's Ultimate and a Paladin's Advanced Charge Blow (on Elementally Weak monsters). If you obtain the Level 20 Mastery Book, and you are currently maxing other skills putting 1 point in it is recommended by us. We say this because the number of monsters that it can mob increases by 1 and hitting more monsters is definitely better than hitting less monsters.

Something similar can be said about obtaining the Level(maplestory mesos) 30 Mastery Book. If you max Pierce somewhat early, Dragon Breath is an excellent skill to use in combination with it. Unfortunately, Iron Arrow is stronger than Pierce to an extent. With level 10 SE, you need level 15 Pierce to out damage IA's DPS. Pierce does, however, have the ability to be charged while moving, making it a mobile power skill even before level(maple story mesos) 15, as opposed to IA's quick-weak spammability. Pierce 30 is a rare Papulatus drop, although not very expensive.You can buy maple story mesos,


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