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Despite our demo beginning in an icy

Comments NosTale AusGamers sat through a live gameplay demo of Modern Warfare 2 at this year's E3. Check out our full thoughts...

Robert tells us the team are using a revamped CoD4 game engine with full high-res streaming textures, and that the game is moving at 60fps (frames per second), and from what we're looking at we're inclined to agree.

Despite our demo beginning in an icy, blizzard-laden environment, there's a massive amount of detail.

Soap's facial hair is encrusted with snow and ice, and every time he talks his breath creates visible gusts of cold air - all the while clumps of ice and snow are billowing past your periphery creating an intense sense of danger and the unknown.

Things kick off, as you may have already seen in some gameplay videos, with your character climbing up an icy wall with ice picks(NosTale Gold).

Movement in this instance is entirely up to you with a simple pulling of the left and right triggers respectively for each arm.

Typically of an Infinity Ward game, drama takes over at various points of interaction and gameplay, and here it comes in the form of your character missing a pick and sliding down the wall, presumably to an icy demise. Thankfully Soap saves you, and it's back to business as usual.

This particular mission reminded me of the sniper sequence from the NosTale Money game, where you play the role of Captain Price as a young SAS operative.

We were told there are a number of different paths through the immediate environment, with the revelation the NosTale Gold game would support small sandbox areas like this, changing the AI engagement dynamic of the mmo game, which was one of the most complained about aspects.

Unfortunately we weren't really able to gleam just how organic the AI would be with this in mind, so we'll have to wait to get our hands on the title for that nugget of info.


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