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Question to Beginner of Rappelz

Our website has summarizes some of the problems for Beginners in Rappelz, if you just started Rappelz, we hope it can help you.

1) Is it possible to dual wield single handed weapons rappelz rupees ? of course it is, Kahunas and fighters, which refer to gaia class can dual weild axes. Holy Warriors can dual weild swordsStriders can dual weild Daggers and swords.

2) How to upgrade pet weapons? you can upgrade it before you use the unit card on it, once its a pet weap/armor,

it cant be upgraded unless you take it out of the unit card.

3) What are the other four slots on the formation screen besides the weapon/armor slots for pets?

you can equip more weaps and armor at different lvls(rappelz rupees) with different pets

4) If you are a Kahuna, can get to use 2 pets at once? If so, when? the answer is no , Kahunas can not dual summon, only breeder classes can SpellSinger, Breeder, Sorceror.

5) What is a gen point card and what time to use it?Gen points are used in game with a Gen rappelz rupees point vendor, u get gen points for completing Ursa runs/quests, and can spend them on random stuff in the gen point shop.

Thank you for your reading, more content will be continue next time.


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