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Ess Gathering in Runescape

Found on Puro Puro or anywhere on the map, Implings in game(Runescape Gold)have become a staple cash crop of the advanced Hunter. Please check the KB for the basics, but starting at Magpie Implings (65) you will begin to pick up some very expensive loot very quickly. Ninja (74), Pirate (76), and the infamous Dragon Implings (83) are not quick Xp but, with any luck, you can make piles of cash very quickly.

And finally, you can Box Trap Ferrets in game(runescape gold) for forcing Rabbits out of their holes. Just use your Ferret on a Rabbit hole with a Rabbit Snare waiting. 37 Crafting will let you string the Rabbit's Foot into a Lucky Bird's Nest Amulet, which will increase your chance of getting a bird's nest while woodcutting.

Spirit Graahk, Kyatt, and Larupi, as well as the Wolpertinger, all have an invisible +5 boost to Hunter, whilst the Artic bear will give you a nice +7rs gold. All but the Wolpertinger will teleport you to where their seconds can be gathered, which can be useful while training much more than just the Hunter skill.

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