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Runescape: Attack Classes

This is cut about attack classes of Runecape in Wilderness.It's from the other website,and it's not my work.If you select the body icon (in the above picture), you'll see the equipment you are wearing. At the bottom of the body menu, you should find a button labeled “Show Equipment Stats”. Clicking that button will pop up a box showing what you’re wearing, an enlarged picture of yourself, and your stats. For now, we'll only discuss the Attack Bonuses, but you'll also see Defense Bonuses.

With attacks of that RuneScape type Attack Bonuses will give you more power. So for instance, in the above picture there is an added +98 attack bonus for Slash attacks. This means that the Dragon Scimitar is a good Slashing Weapon. The higher the bonus, the better a weapon is when using that attack style.

A penetrating attack, common with Daggers. Effective against chainmail.

A very common "swiping" attack. Effective against light armor like robes or Dragonhide.

A common attack with Maces, Hammers and runescape gold Mauls. It's very effective against heavy armor like platemail.

Often negated by armor and weapons, but can be increased with staffs. Allows you to hit harder with Magic.

Often negated by full helmets and armor. It allows you to hit harder with ranged equipment.

This effects how hard you hit. Better metals will give higher strength bonuses.

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