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Colors Text Guide for Players in Shaiya

Dear players, glad to see you in Goldicq!

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Brown: Trade chat, often used as a simple global chat, not just for trade
Blue: Area chat, anyone on the map can see it.
Gray: Simple chat that show to everyone in your vicinity
Green: Various system(Shaiya Gold) messages
Light Green: Party chat, only members of your current party or team can see this.
Pale Red: Whisper or private messege, only the sender and receiver can see it.
Red: Yelling, only the people on the same can see this chat.
Pale Purple: Guild Chat, only your current guild can see this.

The colors of the name of monsters mean even more than chat colors. Each color shows how much stronger the monster is than you, they are as follows:
Dark Blue: Easier than most. If you have no time to earn Shaiya Gold,you can buy it from our website at the lowest price.
Grey: You like life? Don't even look at one of these, they'll kill you tenfold in one stare. No EXP is given for killing one.
Green: Somewhat average.
Light Blue: Way too easy, not as bad as white though.
Yellow: Medium strength, they're the best to train on.
Orange: Harder, they seem to be much harder to fight, you'll nearly never win.
Red: These can be beat if you try hard enough, and they don't one hit you, although it is better to just run on past them.
Purple: These things will kill in one hit. They are much stronger than you.
White: Way too easy, it's like paper against a rifle. No EXP given.

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Thanks for reading and welcome to come next time.


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