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1.Our promise for Troy Online Gold sending is 8 mins-24 hours.

2.After you pay, please contact with our
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Troy takes place in an alternate universe created by Apollo s jealousy after seeing his noble Trojan Warriors slain by the Greeks. In this world, the soldiers who had fallen in battle are forced into eternal battle for the glory of the gods. Only this time around, the magic of the gods has interfered, unleashing powers and limitations undreamed of within soldiers on a mortal battlefield.


Troy stays true to the standard trinity of MMORPG classes, featuring melee warriors, ranged dps hunters, and mages as the three primary archetypes. Each archtype can be broken down into 3 variations, allowing you to customize your chosen archetype to match your playing style.


As this game takes place in a world of eternal conflict, it makes all too much sense that PvP is the major focus of Troy. Once you reach level 10, you will have the option to engage in level wars every 15 minutes. To keep things fresh, four variations of Level Wars exist including Annihilation, Seize, Relic, and Infinite. Annihilation is a fight to the death where the last man standing takes the glory. Seize involves a king of the hill type scenario. Relic involves a type of scavenger hunt in which you must find and destroy the relics before your opponents. Or you can just destroy your opponents first and then take your time finding the relics. Infinite is like Annihilation except you will be brought back from the dead. The player with the most kills at the end of a time limit is the victor here.


This is only the tip of the iceberg in Troy, as many more scenarios of battle exist including Castle Wars, Hero,s War, Olympus War, and even Chariot Wars. If you have a thirst for blood and chaos, Troy is one game you won,t want to miss.


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