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War of the Immortals: Refined Isometric Combat

Perfect World Entertainment might be one of the most popular publishers that are involved with F2P Online games today. Lately they've been publishing a ton of new titles and I got the chance to try out the War of the Immortals beta, becoming one of the first to experience the world of Motenia that is both beautiful and treacherous. This is the tale of my journey fighting vicious monsters, infamous villains and angry Immortals.

When first logged in I was delighted to see there were multiple servers from different regions to ensure even someone from the EU like me could get decent ping. When making your character you get the choice between 8 different classes. Unfortunately there is a lack of information about what each class' specialty is and thus I recommend you to look up OnRPG's video section for a series of class spotlight videos before choosing. The eight classes that you can choose from are the Berzerker, Magus, Champion, Heretic, Slayer, Duelist, Ranger and Enchantress. All these classes are specialized with different weapons, stats and elements, as well as some really oddball mounts. I chose to go with the Magus because this class is specialized in the use of Magic at a wide range; she also uses the elements Ice and Fire to her advantage. When creating your character you will also have to fill in your birthday so it’ll know the correct Zodiac, something that's been growing in popularity in Asian MMOs since the release of Lucent Heart and Forsaken World. After choosing your class and viewing their high end gear you are ready to set foot in Motenia.

After you have spawned it is time to do the tutorial! In the tutorial you will learn the basics, and I quickly found out that every quest object and NPCs is underlined in the quest log. When you click on this underlined name you will automatically walk to the destination. After taking my first few steps I got to learn how to use my magic and was rewarded with a staff. After defeating a few servants of Valkyrie I was sent 500 years into the past so I had to time to train properly (yup.. I needed a LOT of training time). There was no time to slack off and I had to start my training as soon as possible. Valkyrie feared the fate of the world would rest on my shoulder, and only I could revive the Lord Odin. I felt quite honored with such an important task and immediately set off for my 500 years of grinding.

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