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Zentia entering Closed Beta

Zentia is a new 3D free-to-play fairytale MMORPG with a delightfully twisted sense of humor.Zentia Gold)combat mounts that can hold up to 10 passengers in both PVE (Player vs Environment) and PVP (Pla..


Something about Monster in Zentia

Zentia: level 49 ujigi and level 54 penons (the agrro version).Zentia Gold) and you dont need that and will not give you faster exp or sp as you kill green monsters. You can farm same level mobs too e..


New Episode of ZTV

Zentia team has put together another episode of its video diary called ZTV. In this episode, Katealyst talks about Early Access Beta, reveals the results of her last challenge, issues a new challenge,..


Zentia Launches Version 1.2 Expansion

Zentia, is available for immediate download. This newest update to the award-winning title boasts a number of exciting new features and expanded content which will allow players to enjoy new zones, sk..


Zentia Tour: Have Fire Monkey, Will Travel Part 1

Zentia is a quick, easy and visually pleasing distraction. Why cute for the description? Well from the opening cinematic to the character selection to the tutorial region, it simply is the best descri..


Zentia: Token Shop Full Of Treats

Zentia Token Shop and our Halloween special, says Susan Revelt, Zentias Senior Producer. The token shop offers countless rare items that we believe players will enjoy. Today, all players are welcome t..