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Asda 2 MMO Review

Asda2 is a 3D anime style fantasy themed MMORPG that continues the epic saga of a mystical land divided by warring Gods. As a standalone sequel to AsdaStory players become heroes fighting for the Light or Dark side in a battle for control. Duel rivals in PvP brawls, participate in faction wars, summon pets to assist in combat, and even find true love. Join the ranks of the coveted Royal Knights and save the world.

Asda 2 is the second installment to the popular Asda Story. It picks up where the original game left off with a truce being finalized between the warring factions. Unfortunately the peace is short-lived. Violence has once again erupted among the Light and Dark causing chaos within the realms. Players must choose their side and begin their journey towards knighthood. Fight in PvP duels or large scale faction based wars. Collect and summon a variety of pets to aid in battle. Similar to Legend of Edda players determine their own destiny as an emerging hero. Stop the ongoing hostilities from ruining a beautiful world.

The game has vastly improved with new classes, multiple jobs, challenging monsters, and an enhanced soul mate system.

Classes(Asda2 Gold):

One-Handed Sword Warrior – Equipped with a one-handed sword and shield this class has the highest level of defense. Capable of inflicting serious levels of damage to foes warriors are ideal tank leaders. Jobs vary from traditional Swordsmen to Templars.

Two-Handed Sword Warrior – This class is notorious for destroying their enemies’ defenses. Special skills that cause damage reflection or additional weapons such as the grenade set them apart from other heroes. Available jobs include Barbarian and Warlord.

Spear Warrior – Weapon of choice is the mighty spear. Speed enables these warriors to perform multiple critical blows rendering their opponents helpless. Their high levels of sheer strength make them a mage’s worst nightmare. Class jobs vary from Lancers to Gladiators.

Crossbow Archer – Archers are capable of the highest amount of immediate damage among all the classes. They also possess skills that deflect enchantments making them a nuisance to mages. Jobs include Shooters to Marksmen.

Bow Archer – Uses an assortment of weapons to delay an adversary’s movement and inflict wounds that will cause them to slowly bleed out. Weakening their opponent is their specialty. This class is deadly to warriors during battles. Jobs range from Trapper to Ranger.

Attack Mage – Attack Mages use darkness and the element of fire to take down opponents. Various flame engulfing spells make them a great ally to have in a party. Perform jobs titles of Magician to Warlock.

Support Mage – This class performs spells associated with earth and water. They are also great at providing buffs or protective shields for their fellow comrades. The ability to freeze enemies gives them an edge in dire situations. Jobs range from Mystics to Guardians.

Healing Mage – Healing mages can manipulate climate and the powers of light to help heal friends. Their undeniable healing abilities make them a must have addition to any party

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