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Cloud Nine starts Open Beta Test on November 25th

1. All in-game contents (in-game events and exclusive items) will be open to players on the 25th of November.
2. Global CDN provides faster and more stable client downloads to players.
3. By raising the game security, players will be able to enjoy C9 Online without interruption of hackers and other misconducts.
4. Players can log into Cloud Nine and use in-game contents after the Grand Opening Commercial Service.

The Cloud Nine Open Beta Test starts at 6 PM on the 25th of November (PST Time) and all in-game contents will be open to our MMO fans.

Cloud Nine is a MMORPG provided by Mgame USA. This is a new title that Mgame USA will launch since their opening of Operation 7 on December 2008. Cloud Nine is a Fantasy MMORPG based on a legend of confrontation between a nation of merchants who value loyalty the most, Primus Union, and a society of races who worship nature and freedom, Ganav Libero.

Even though Cloud Nine portrays splendid graphics with pleasantly bright colors, it represents an endless battle between two different nations. With a frequently updated community feature of inside scoops and a deep story narrated throughout the site makes C9 Gold apart from all other ordinary MMORPGs.

Cloud Nine will provide a series of extraordinary techniques like Monster transformations, Monster taming systems, and Monster riding systems. And with its Open Beta Test, Dungeon Designing system, Class Revolving, and Seven Sign Combo Systems will open gradually to players and these significant game systems will give MMO fans a completely new and exciting gaming experience.

For the last 6 months, Cloud Nine’s game teams have put every effort to raise its security level on mainly hacks and auto-hunting software to prevent disruptions and abuses in the game.

Mgame USA Cloud Nine, project Manager, Sun M. Kim stated, “Cloud nine defines an amusing fantasy adventure. So we are working on preparation to provide C9 Gold fans a very special gaming experience through exclusive user communities and events. And after OBT, we will seize a war between nations and new regions like Kanto, Archahel and Ceres to continuously want players logged into Cloud Nine.”

Cloud Nine will hold its Grand Opening as soon as its stability of services is approved. You may get more information from Cloud Nine’s Official Webpage, cloudnine.netgame.com.

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