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coh players create their own game content

User-generated content in the massively multiplayer online game "City of Heroes," where Yan has played a whirlwind. Players in a short period of time the day than even the creation of game content developer Paragon Studios created within five years we still need more.

"Hero City" recently issued the Mission Architect (mission design) system, through which users can design a sophisticated tasks, and to share with other players, playing in the game city of hero Influence. Over the years, tens of thousands of role-playing plot can only be deep in the imagination of gamers, and now finally became reality CoH Influence.

We were talking tens of thousands is not casual. According to Paragon's Matt Miller from the description of more than a week before the Mission Architect system is released,city of hero Influence  players response has been achieved "extremely alarming" levels. According to the above, the system released an hour later CoH Influence, there were 360 full Mission Arcs produce. By midnight of that day, the number rose to 2600. In this system, a full day after release, have produced 3800 Mission Arcs.

"We own some of the data collection work done and found that 3800 this figure exceeded our" Hero City "and" City of Villains,city of hero Influence "produced by the contents of the sum. Just one day's time, the contents of the user for almost five years than we have time design need more, "Miller said.
Has released the 20000 playable Mission Arcs.

Miller said, city of hero Influence Paragon's staff this effect was completely conquered, and in trying to resolve its for the "Hero City" and the entire large-scale multiplayer online game industry significance.
"Players and the media claim that it is a revolutionary act city of hero Influence. And I think all of our Paragon Studios staff will look up and see how it will be more revolutionary," Miller said.

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