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DDTanks Review - So Cute I Want To Die!

DDTanks is a cute turn-based browser shooter from game distributor Aeria games. The game capitalizes on cute and zany graphics that is grounded on a very competitive but solid gameplay.

The game's introduction doesn't not suffer from much fan fare because you're immediately whisked away from one tutorial after another. In fact I personally think that the whole "30 second" tutorial was an understatement since I literally breezed through it in less than 30 seconds.


The game doesn't really offer much in terms of the things you can do. The supposed adventure part of the game is still locked and you're limited to randomly playing against other people till you grow to a level high enough to create your room that allows you to challenge another set of players.



The game's is easy enough to grasp. Since this is a turn-based shooter it's not the "how do you play this game?" that's important but more of "how well can you play this game?"


As of this review, the game allows only two types of battles which are namely, the sports and the challenge battles. The sports battles are random combats of either the 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 variety. The game sets your enemies according to the available players of the same number and doesn't care much in the level gap. My level eight character has often faced a lot of 20+s characters on both 1v1 and 4v4 battles, which only stacked up my losses.


The other battle type is the challenge battles. These are the more vanilla shooter combat where you get a room and you'd see who you're up against. Similarly to the sports battles you can set the battles from a 1v1 to a 4v4 combat depending on the host's preference.


Starting battles in DDtank Gold can be a long tedious wait specially if you're playing during the game's off peak hours. I've experienced waiting for more than five minutes for the game to pair us up with another 4v4 match. Actually, the problem for me is not the wait, it's the people you're with that has a problem with it.


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