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Dragon Nest open beta gets new PvP content

Dragon Nest, currently in open beta in North America. The update unlocks two PvP modes and five maps, though youll have to be level 10 or higher to participate.Dragon Nest Gold), though that remains a..


Dragon Nest Prepares for Official Launch

Dragon Nests transition from open beta testing into launch will be completely seamless, so players will retain all of the characters, items and other enhancements theyve made since the beginning of be..


Chun-Li May Be the Prototype of Dragon Nest Archer

Dragon Nest is breathtaking with its unique non-targeting battle mode and gorgeous combo skills. What fighting game does Dragon Nest learn from in terms of skills? We have made a bold guess that Chun-..


The experience of playing Dragonnest

Dragonnest. The Dragonnest game is very interesting, especially to boys, many boys think they are dragonnests. They can use weapons to kill enemy.Dragon Nest Gold). Fight every point is not waste. Lik..


Dragon Nest Releases Edge of Darkness Update

Dragon Nest, the blazing fast action RPG from Eyedentity Games. This is the third content update for Dragon Nest during its open beta test, and the game is available to play for free for residents of ..


Dragon Nest Releases PvP Arenas

Dragon Nest content update today, adding award-winning player versus player combat to the popular action MMORPG. Two PvP game modes and five distinct maps are now available for players level 10 and hi..