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Dungeon Fighter Online Overview

Dungeon Fighter Online is a side scrolling action MMORPG that closely resembles old school beat’ em ups like Streets of Rage & Double Dragons. Gameplay wise, Dungeon Fighter gold resembles Pi Story. Both games are completely instanced, as every Dungeon Fighter gold in the game is an individual instance were only those in the same party can adventure together.

Each individual dfo gold  only takes a few minutes to complete which allows for much more of a casual experience than other MMORPGs. Plenty of quests are available in towns to help players level up quickly. There are currently four classes to chose from with the first job advancement available at level 18.

Slayer - Slayers are swordsman who specialize in using melee weapons like swords and maces. They are capable of dealing large amounts of damage in melee combat but cannot carry use shields.
Job Advancements: Blade Master, Soul Bender, Grand Master, Hell Bringer, Soul Reaper and Dark Knight,you can buy dfo gold.

Fighter – As the name suggests, a Fighter is a close range brawler who is proficient with gauntlets, knuckles, claws and boxing gloves.
Job Advancements: Nen Masters, Strikers, Brawlers, Throwers, Blazing Flower, dungeon figher gold, Hellcat and Dervish

Gunner - Gunners, as the name implies, are a gun wielding class with high attack damage, but low defensive capabilities.
Job Advancements: Rangers, Launchers, Mechanics, Spitfires, Desperado, Wrecking Ball, Metalheart and Viper(dungeon figher online gold).


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