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DDO Revamps Guild System

New Adventure Pack: Dungeons and Dragons Online Phiarlan Carnival
A brand new series of epic adventures from DDO Gold that calls on players to confront a fiendish carnival that has come to House Phiarlan Enclave and vanquish the evil Tieflings and their Ringmaster leader, a succubus named Malicia. Phiarlan Carnival is free to all DDO Platinum VIPs and available for purchase in the DDO Platinum Store.

Guild Airships!
Guilds can now earn the ability to purchase an airship exclusively for use by its members in the new Airship showroom in Stormreach Harbor. Airships are fully customizable and come in standard and luxury models that provide Guilds with many amenities including rest shrines, private PvP arenas, storage, faster travel and more.

Celebrate the Summer!
Stay cool in Stormreach and join your fellow players to celebrate Festivult! This month-long celebration will feature events for players throughout the month, including the return of the Risia Ice Games, and daily specials in the DDO Gold.

DDO Store Enhancements
Players can now choose from a host of new items and improvements being added to the new DDO Gold including guest passes for the Carnival of Shadow adventure pack, Favored Soul & Bard Hirelings, and Airship Sails & Paint Colors. The DDO store now also features a host of new payment methods including BOKU, Visa Electron and others that provide even more choice for players in how they purchase Turbine Point bundles.


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