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Everquest2 servers section shows you all the current servers available at the moment. Another feature Tault.com provides is showing which servers are the best to join based on how old they are and which has the most advancements for earning money or getting into a good guild.

Here is an example of a nerfed EQ2 Server Cheat From The Past

EQ2 Cheats: Harvesting Exploit(EverQuest2 Gold): Easier skill ups

I noticed this when harvesting yesterday..., i went to nektulos and double clicked on a stone to harvest it, it said "your skill is to low to harvest this item", then i dragged the icon to mine into my hot bar, clicked 1, and i saw my toon harvesting... then i got a skill up...

so i decided to test it further...

my skill was 5 in fishing, i went to nektulos, and selected a fish node... made a simple macro to click "4" over and over, selected the fish, and ran the macro....
i came back to the node being gone, having "73" fishing skill, and a few rares from the node and like 14 fish...., i did this again, and when i came back i was over 90, the skill it takes to actually harvest in nektulos.

don't know if this is known yet... or if anyone has put it to use... but thought id let you guys know =)

i know my directions hard to read.... so ill make it more simple.

1. Go to a node that you cannot harvest (your skill is to low for it)
2. Drag that node specific skill to your hot bar.
3. Select the node, and start pressing the skill in your hot bar. (i make a macro because sometimes its 10-20 minutes a node... depending on your skill)
4. Enjoy the easy skillups =)

two things you have to be careful of:
1. make sure your not to high from the ground or else when you fall you wont survive...
2. make sure you don t hold the window for too long or else it will just zone you to the character select screen and you'll have to wait some time before you can log back in cause it will give you the 'account already in use' box and also when you log back in if this happens you'll be at the station at which you started.

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