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EverQuest II Age of Discovery: Beastlord Gameplay Preview

Anyone reading last week may have noticed this Beastlord gameplay preview already uploaded. A small number of you may have even read it the first time around. Long story short, during my call with Amelia Lukiman and Dave Georgeson, news of EverQuest II 's new free-to-play business model also came with some juicy tidbits about the new class to debut with the release of the Age of Discovery expansion: Beastlord. In a strange turn of events, it seems as though MMOsite ate my original article, and it is now and forever gone in the sands of mystery.

So, instead of ventuing in on a long and tedious preamble, we're going to try one more time and jump right back in. Here is what we know of the new class to appear in EverQuest2 Gold and how its style of play is very different from every other class in EverQuest II.

First of all, behold the Beastlord.


This charming figure stands side-by-side with one of its warders. What is a warder? Why, that's what a monster becomes when a Beastlord tames it!

Beastlords are going to come with an ability called "Beastlord Sight", which is going to be the centerpiece to Beastlord gameplay. In short, Beastlord Sight is an ability that players use to examine a mob and see if it can be tamed. If it can be, Beastlord Sight will be integral to helping budding Beastlords gain new buddies. Once a monster is tamed, they will be unlocked as a warder, which means that players will be able to use these monsters for combat. Unlocking one mob of a certain type will unlock others of the same creature type, so it will be important for Beastlords to grab as many warders as they can!

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