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Florensia OB will Sail

Florensia would like to announce that the Open Beta will probably start. It is clearly absolutely recommend that players need to download the new client. All players can continue using the old client, but downloading the patch will take longer than downloading the new client. The new client will be available in time before the beginning of the Open Beta.

NOTE: The Open Beta of Florensia Gold is still a Beta phase. This means that many things are not final yet and in additon to the current updates, more changes will be applied in the near future.

Hints on the upcoming features:

Balancing Updates

Considering the progress of the future updates and all your feedback, Netts has decided to apply two Florensia Gold major balancing updates to the game that will affect both your character and the environment. The main reasons for the changes are the second classes, upcoming PvP features and the monster skills. These three major points make all other changes necessary. The first balancing update will come into effect at the beginning of the Open Beta. The second balancing update Florensia Gold will be applied with the addition of the second classes in mid-August(Florensia Money).

Contents of the Balancing Updates

Please note that the full balancing progress contains TWO major updates. This means that not everything will be in perfect balance after the FIRST update. We would like to underline Florensia Gold that we are not planning to wipe the characters between the first and the second Balancing Update, so you can enjoy playing right away!


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