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Gaia Online - How to get gold

1) New Topic

By creating a new thread, gaia gold you will be given anything from 1 - 15 gold. This is given out at random and it doesn't matter if your message is short or long.

2) Posting A Reply

Replying to someones thread, can also give you anything from 1 - 15 gold each time, gaia gold and is the same as the "New Thread" in which this amount is given out randomly.

3) Art Arena

The art arena can be found once you click "MAP". Its the collosium type building.

You can get gold at the Art Arena by rating pictures, gaia gold as with the other methods, the amount of gold given for this, is totally random.

You can also get a bit more gold, by adding a comment to someones art work. Try to be honest and DO NOT SPAM by sticking comments like "Its Crap" all the time.

4) Fishing

Fancy getting gold a fun way? Well go fishing! Buy rods and bait to ctach fish, then with the fish that you catch, you can sell them off to others for gold!

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