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Unscheduled Maintenance

This is a sort of guide about making some "easy" money in Granado Espada.if you are interested in the guide,read on.Hope the article is helpful to you.

1) Ancient Granado Espada gold..
seeing how Ancient Granado Espada gold prices are going up these days can either;

*Buy Seal stones from people, usually selling at a reasonable price, cheaper than AA sometimes. Price of Seal stone / # of Granado Espada gold per seal stone = Price of investment, usually can win from .8 (yea sounds like a joke) up to 3.8, though this option is the more easy to do.


2) Materials.
sometimes they look like cheap stuff or unwanted stuff, but for dwarves they are relics(Granado Espada vis).
Varnish, Stem, Coal, Charcoal, Cokes, Thread, Silver nugget, Mithril nugget, Stone of purity, Animal bone, Coarse bone powder, usually some people dont even bother to pick them up when leveling, so what can do is set store 1 or 2 nights looking to buy them in any "low level" town like dion and then can go to sell what you bought cheap to giran, where people wanting to make items or to have made are willing to pay a nice amount of money for them.
Usually profit from 100 Granado Espada gold up to 5k depending on item and offer (remember to play with offer and demand, some people when most desesperate will be willing to pay x2 or x3 the price of some ingredients)


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