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Beta Look: Global Agenda

Finally, I'm talking about true online games again! Global Agenda has just lifted the NDA, which means that I can freely talk about Global Agenda, what I saw, and what I think it will be in the near future. Take this as a first look of the game though, as due to the prior betas' crazy time schedule, I couldn't really play and it is only recently where the time has changed did I manage to get a good hour or two in.

Global Agenda is set in the future, and you play in one of the independent factions that are fighting against the Commonwealth, an oppressive government body that grew to power from the ashes of the third world war. Yup, it makes as much sense as your average action flick, but in a way, the difference between Global Agenda and a traditional fantasy based game like World of Warcraft is indeed like comparing an action flick with a epic trilogy.

You start out by creating your character and are given a few customization options for your character. Now, don't go expect full morphing features from the likes of AOC or Aion, all you get to customize is your head, and are given a number of different options with the different features like facial shape, eyes and hair.

Upon creation, you are given an option to go through the tutorial, or hop right into the game. The tutorial itself do teach you how to play the game, and gives you a reasonable feel of how the game will actually play out in a real scenario. But at the same time, it didn't quite prepare me for the sheer carnage that was going on in the PvP modes.

One of the most important elements in most MMO's are the customization, (Global Agenda Credits)for both aesthetics (your avatar) and skills. In Global Agenda, players can select from one of four classes, and are given two levels of customization; equipment and skill.

Imagine equipment as your inventory system, and as you level, you are given more points to play with. Most equipment, have different levels that require a certain amount of points to equip, and that's where you get to play around with your load out. For example, you could choose a more well-rounded build that has everything at the cost of efficiency, or a focused build that is a lot more efficient, but have lesser options.

Then you are given skill points, which works quite like talent trees. This specializes your character and is not related to your equipment loadout, but of course, synergies apply. For example, placing points to improve your range and damage of your weapons would make your choice of equipping the best sniper rifle more effective.

This is the perfect game if you are looking for a game that allows you to jump in and fight, and yet, want a level of progression and persistence that is not present in other shooters like Call of Duty. The game itself can be purchased from your local game shop or Steam, and has an optional subscription option that allows you to partake in Conquest mode, amongst other things.

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