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Korean players of the Gunz Online game

Interestingly, Korean

Gunz Online

players of the game quickly discovered a method of 'quick-switching' their weapons while dashing around with their swords so that they could combine the mobility of the melee weapons while firing powerful weaponry (like a shotgun or revolver) in between dashes.

Unfortunately, the whole process requires an incredible amount of finger dexterity, and is pretty much useless if you don't do it right. I sat down for a little while to learn this thing (the locals call it 'slash-shooting,' or 'k-style,' short for Korean Style), and my fingers still hurt from remembering it(Gunz Online Bounty).

I won't go into specifics here, but the method basically involves consecutively pushing about 5-6 keys per second (that's about 300 actions per minute) while aiming a weapon at an opponent and staying aware of the direction you're going in Gunz Online Bounty .

While I'll admit that I was really enjoying the process(Gunz money) of learning this finger-intensive playing style (even if the developers didn't really plan for it at all), the game became unplayable for me a short while later.


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