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Guideline for Knight

Knight offers players an area made for Player Killing. These places are always packed with people and its full of fun! To compete with other people, you will first have to get good levels and gear. Th..


Gaurdian of the 7 Keys in Knight Award

In fact, you could only use it for 2,4, and 5, already having had a clue as to the whereabouts of 1 and 3s spawning grounds from wandering around the new map. If you have no time to earn knight noahyo..



Knight Online and learn what things can you get fron those bosses ...Knight Gold)- Full Plate Armor +5, Middle Class Weapons +3, Middle Upgrade ScrollsAccessories, Priest Impact, Graham, Bardish, Iron..


Knight Online-Lunar War

Knight Online-Lunar War is a mega PvP event where each nation tries to kill key NPCs to invade enemy territory. You must be level 30 or above to enter the war. Only the first 200 players from each nat..


Knight Online Battle Priest

Knight online Battle Priest Guide. I collect this guide from knightsunited site.Knight noah guides, you can post at our website. Of course, they must be checked before they are posted.So, youve decide..