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The skill about Boss of Legend of Edda

Here is pet talent adjustments.There are still some bloat issues along with some talents that simply aren’t worth the investment. The below is my opinion: 

Lionhearted: This talent reduces stun and fear effects on pet by 30% for 2 points. This is an under budgeted talent. 2 points is too much to invest for something that barely helps your pet. If your pet is getting Legend of Edda gold you have bigger problems to worry about than its duration.

Avoidance: Reduces area effect damage by 75% for 3 points. As mentioned before this is a must for both pvp and pve for all pets. Its a talent sink that really doesn’t do anything more than bloat the Legend of Edda. I’d suggest making it baseline.

Cornered: When pet is at less than 35% health it increases its damage by 50% and reduces crit chance by 60% for 2 points.

I like what you’ve done with this one, just a minor suggestion to up the health requirement to under 40%. Pets have smaller health pools and there’s a chance it won’t last very long at all once it goes under 35%.

Grace of the Mantis: Reduces chance your Legend of Edda gold will pet critically hit by 4% for 2 points. I’m really more concerned with the amount of damage crits do. Maybe allowing 20% of your resillience to go to the pet would help. Crits end up destroying pets rather quickly due to the high damage and low health pools.

Wild Hunt: increases AP contribution by 20% and Sta contribution by 40% for 2 points.

This talent goes a long way to address some of the fundamental problems with Legend of Edda gold scaling. Only tweak I’d like to see is for it to adjust spell damage as well for casting pets.

Flame Leviathan must be killed to access the next part, consisting of:
Ignis and Razorscale, both of which must be killed to access the Scrapyard:

which contains XT002 Deconstructor, which you must kill to access the inside of loe gold.

In the antechamber, you must go off to the left wing and kill the Iron Council to open the door to the rest of the instance. After that door opens you must kill Kologarn to actually cross the path into the rest of the instance.

From here, the raid is fairly non-linear. You have your choice between Auriya, Mimiron, Freya, Thorim, and Hodir. However, you must kill all of them to access the Decent into Madness.

Down into the decent, you encounter General Vezax, who is blocking the loe gold where Yogg-Saron lies in his prison.

As far as the completely optional boss, Algalon the Observer, who you can find in a wing to the right of the antechamber, you must kill all 4 hard modes of the watchers, Hodir, Thorim, Freya, Mimiron, to even open the door to his room.


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