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Some useful Guidelines for LOTRO

As Traveling Bilbo travels around,these Guidelines are very much the Lord of The Ring Online guide is necessary for a work in progress and they will evolve .

But for now when it will serve as a good starting point to make sure we're all on the same page and also too keep our little Hobbit Traveling smoothly and safely through Middle-earth.

If you want easy games and untired, you can contect us as well, we have LOTRO Gold and Lotro powerleveling service.

First and foremost to participate you must sign up in the Official Sign-up Thread. When hosting Traveling Bilbo you will have one week to show him the town at which point you will have to send him on to the next member on the Itinerary.

While he's in your care you are free to take him to visit friends and family, local hangouts, historical locations, whatever! Be sure to take plenty of LOTRO Gold which you can share with us in the Traveling Bilbo Gallery and dont' forget to sign Bilbo's journal. Friends and Family can sign as well.

Once they have your official entry they will add you to the list for consideration. To forget post your full address, because it can be contacted by a Moderator who will ask for your address when the time comes.

To reduce shipping costs which will be paid by each Host, this should keep him moving in a steady and organized fashion although it will most likely mean you will not get him in the order you signed up.

This will certainly depend on the number of LOTRO Gold people participating and there location of course.

When your turn approaches to receive Bilbo you will be contacted by a Moderator who will then confirm your Mailing Address and let you know who you will be sending Bilbo to when your week is up.

When you receive Bilbo you should contact a Moderator and let them know he's arrived.Once an itinerary has been made for Bilbo it will be posted in the Official Itinerary thread. it will just be a list of screen names in the order, it means they will be receiving Bilbo.

When your turn comes to ship Bilbo, delivery confirmation should be used if available. I know all US members will be required to use this. Once you have a delivery confirmation # you should forward it to a Moderator and the Addressee.

Although we will try and plan special stops into Traveling Bilbos itinerary there are bound to be instances in which an opportunity will arise for one or more members to take him to meet a VIP or the likes.

If this should happen the person currently hosting Bilbo will be contacted and required to send him to the appropriate location as soon as possible.

Once Bilbo's finished with this emergency stop he will be returned to previous host, who will then be allowed an additional week with him.

If you want to know more, Continue to pay attention to the future to see LOTRO Gold would like to relevant content.

Thanks for your reading.


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