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Full Review Luna Online

Luna Online players from other site, hope you like it, may it can help you more or less.Lets go inside the game while I introduce you Luna Gold.Luna Gold is a recently localized MMORPG from gPotato (T..


Luna Is A Father Again

LUNA is celebrating after becoming a father for the second time - his wife gave birth to a baby girl on Thursday (02Jul10).luna online gold), in Mexico City, Mexico.cheap luna gold), Were very gratefu..


Luna Online producer at gPotato

Luna Online producer at gPotato. With a distinctive curve on the social aspect of the game, Luna Online gold offers many features that promote community interaction;Luna Online gold hype is only begin..


Hot Games: The Point Is to Change

Luna Online The problem whether a dull game has to be continued with or started over again often bothers the online gamers and developers. Surely, its not that difficult for players to start the games..


Luna Online:Creating a Party

Luna Online to explore and fight alongside your friends! Parties allow you to complete quests and take down boss monsters together. Experience and items gained are shared in the party.In order to form..


Luna Online : Preview

MMO franchises in the hopes that you will eventually take note of one and hopefully invest. On one hand, I applaud this foray into the wild world of MMO capitalism since it exposes the massive multi p..