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Mir2 Debuted Big Update

Mir2: The Legend Continues, Spring Time Showdown, which brings highly-anticipated PvP battles to the ever-changing world of Mir2 Gold, and Crimson Dawn, which brings a new class, The Assassin, to the ..


Mir 2 Review: The Godfather of MMOs Part 1

Mir2: The Legend continues is a classic MMORPG with outstanding credentials. The game runs on the traditional isometric birds eye view system much like other ancient role playing games. Although you m..


Platinum Millionaire Handbook in Mir2

Mir2 life? Our Mir2 Online Gold Guide will provide you with the know-how that can solve your pp-problems:Mir2 Online Gold Platinum Guide: How to make up to 10,000 platinum per hourWalk-throughs for qu..


Good news about Mir2

Mir2. Mir2 Gold in terms of events, items, constant content updates, and consistent community interaction. Our players have responded quite well to this, and we only plan on improving.Mir2 Online Gold..


PK-type plus point Taoist experience

Mir2 Online Gold of my own experience, or everyone to talk about (do not hit me)Mir2 Gold body of 3 plus 1 heart 1 min,


Mir2: Big Update

Mir2: The Legend Continues, Crimson Dawn, which brings a new class, The Assassin, to the world ofMir2 Online Gold. In addition to the new class, 15 new maps are also available for players to test thei..