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New Arrival` Neverwinter CDK

To meet customers' needs, we are now putting the Neverwinter CDK -- Hero of the North Pack on sale.
This pack contains the following 17 items:
Menzoberranzan Renegade
Gond's Endless Coffer of Pyrotechnics
Heavy Giant Spider Bag of Holding
Panther Respec Token
Gilded Moonstone Regalia 3 Extra Character Slots
Delzoun Treasure Box 2,000,000 Astral Diamonds
Graycloak's Legacy VIP Game Access
Adventurer's Helper Pack Moonstone Regular
Robe of Useless Items Dungeon Master
Dust of Creation

Huge stock, instant delivery! Don't miss this promotion and take some stock for your character.
Delivery will be arranged within 10 minutes, what are you waiting for?
Eager to buy now? Just click here.

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