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Level Cap Increase!

On July 19th, Atlus Online will increase the Pandora Saga level cap from level 50 to Level 55! Players may enjoy the 16 classes of Pandora Saga in a whole new light, with stronger abilities and equipment than ever before.

What Will You Do During Your Journey to Level 55?

Conquer the Dimensional Rift with new, uncharted powers
Venture across Pandora, in search of gear, riches, and fame
Fight your nation’s higher-level foes for victory, glory, and honor
Expand on your exciting class build with newly acquired status and ability points
The level cap will increase on the established Astaroth server, Pandora Saga Gold as well as the recently released Barbatos server. It will compliment the extraordinary challenge of the new Dimensional Rift zone, and expand on the repertoire of in-game items available.

Are you ready for the Level 55 challenge?

About Pandora Saga

Pandora Saga is the hit F2P MMORPG from the Japan-based Gonzo Rosso series, brimming with PvP,Pandora Saga Gold and PvE adventure. Players enjoy exciting elements such as large-scale wars, horse riding (mounted combat), and story-driven quests.

As players progress, they are brought to a crossroads between the Varik Confederation, the Kingdom of St. Pfelstein, and the Latugan Empire. Joining a nation brings more than its share of enemies, but it also comes with allies, guilds, and all the essentials needed to fight in 300+ player wars.


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