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Ubisoft plundering Puzzle Pirates

San Francisco-based developer Three Rings announced it was launching the beta for its massively multiplayer online role-playing game, Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates. The game took a much different tack than most MMORPGs, eschewing Dungeons & Dragons-style fantasy for a whimsical blend of cartoonish pirate action and puzzle-solving.

Now it appears the plucky little game is headed for the big time. Today Ubisoft announced that it had struck a deal with Three Rings to properly publish the game, which has been renamed Puzzle Pirates.

According to Ubisoft, Puzzle Pirates "is expected to earn a T for Teen rating," will retail for $19.99, and will cost $9.95 per month to play. A free trial version is currently available from both GameSpot DLX and the official Puzzle Pirates Web site. However,(Puzzle Pirates Gold) the retail version will include a free month of playing time, exclusive items, and offline single-player versions of the game's most popular puzzles.

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