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Scarlet Legacy OBT Review

Hey this is iWar from the Scarlet Legacy forums and this review will be based on Scarlet Legacy's Open Beta thus far. Scarlet Legacy is a new Taiwanese based martial arts mmo hosted by GamesCampus and so far its a pretty awesome game. The game went into open beta and I've been playing since the closed beta.

The graphics are very good for a free mmo and I really enjoy the visuals of the game on max settings. The skills actions look great and the game still runs quite smoothly.

Character Creation and Class System
This game has a pretty standard character creation and class system. There weren't very many customization options but that didn't bother me because I'm not too picky about how my character looks.

This game contains 4 classes at the moment: Warrior, Assassin, Mystic, Monk
Warrior- This is your basic tank class that has high hp and defense. They have pretty good attack as well and use spears, staffs, and hammers.

Assassin- The Assassin in this game isn't as typical as most. Although they have high dodge and critical rates, they also have many different types of elemental damage and they use blades, swords, and dual blades.

Mystic- Mystics in this game are essentially your typical mage class and they have high damage and mp, but low hp. They use zithers, lutes, and flutes.

Monk- Monks are an interesting and versatile class in this game. They serve mostly as healers in dungeons but they are able to have pretty good damage output as well. They have high hp and mp and use fists, palms, and fingers.

Story(Scarlet Legacy Gold)

To be honest, I'm not much of a story person when I play mmos and I often just skip through the dialogue. The story in this game revolves around rescuing a princess but the somewhat interesting thing is the way that the story is given through. Every level or few level, a mirror will flash in the top right corner of your screen and you will see a scene played out involving Princess Scarlet, the damsel in distress that you are trying to rescue. One you finish going through the scene, you will gain some exp.

PVE(Player Vs. Environment)

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