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Beginners' pet guide in SOF

Beginners' pet guide in SOF are as follows:
1. Quartz and High Quality Quartz-Players can feed Quartz to pet to upgrade pet's option. For the High Quality Quartz, Only 3rd promoted pets can use it.
2. Jasper and High Quality Jasper-Jasper is for upgrading Pet's Armors, Pet's Armor can get options by using Jasper. High Quality Jasper can be used on only 75+ level Pet Items.

Before the Summoning pet, players must finish their "Find the Pet Skillbook 1/5" Quests from NPC Heather. There are 5 Quests(Scions of Fate Gold) for pets, but players can summon pets when they finish "Find the Pet Skillbook 1/5" quest. Players can receive Pet Items when they finish Pet Quests "Find the Pet Skillbook 2/5 ~5/5". When Pet's Level(Scions of Fate Gold) reach 15, players can receive first promotion quest for Pet. 2nd, 3rd promotion quests are available in other town NPC.

2. Using Pet Systems
Summoning Charm can be equipped by simply right clicking. When Summoning Charms equipped, then there is Summon Icon on Summoning Charm. By Clicking that Icon, players can Summon/Un-summon the pet. When Player summons pet for the first time, then players have to choose pet's name. If there is no name for pets, sof gold players can't summon the pet. Pet's name will disappear, especially when player trades pet with other players. Thanks for your reading and have a wonderful time in our website!


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