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Silk Road Caping Guide

1. Creating a Character
It is important that you create a brand new character for bot poaching unless you already have a character that can survive Rok Mountain because when you die you will not have to worry about losing experience or running back to Rok. All Euro characters can talk to Guide Riise in Constantinople and instantly teleport back to where they died or they can simply res right on spot. This is infinitely handy when poaching bots, as you will die alot. Finally, do not use Armor or a Shield. Instead wear robes. While Armor and Shields give you a better chance of blocking (and yes even a lvl 1 can occasionally block mobs at Rok), the blocked mob will probably kill you on its second try. Therefore, Armor and Shields only slow you down. Use Robes instead.

Character-building checklist:

Level 1 European noop
Clever bot-slamming name (mine is iPoopOnBots)
About 10k to get started (you will make this up really fast)

2. Developing your Character
If you do not buy silk, it is ok to leave your bot poacher at lvl 1 (that's what I did). However, if you do buy silk, I would recommend that you level your noop up to 5 so that you can use pickup pets which will be extremely handy (but not necessary). I would not recommend leveling up to 10 just so you can get a horse, because mobs on Rok will just 1-hit your horse and then you anyway, so it will just be a waste of Silk Road Gold.

3. Preparing for the Poach
Before you set off for Rok Mountain, there are a couple of things that you will need to do. First, get rid of everything in your inventory. NPC the noop return scrolls and use the Time Tickets as soon as you can (you can't NPC those). The idea is to get as much inventory space as possible to minimize trips back to town. Next, fill up your inventory with the cheapest Item you can find. Traditionally, people have chosen Capes. However, Capes cost 500g, whereas level 1 wrist robes are around 300g as are rings. Most of the time any Item (equipment or weapon including capes) will work, but occasionally bots are smarter and Rings and Wrist Protectors will not work. If you suspect this being the case use Capes instead.

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