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Spiral Knights Simple Yet Addicting

As many of you know, Steam has been doing a campaign to bring free to play MMOs onto its roster. One of the ones that got added and is booming now in popularity is Spiral Knights. I am ashamed to say I actually never heard of this game before the move to steam, since when it got moved there I got tweets from other writers talking about it and invites from my friends on steam. The game itself however is also brought by Three Rings Games, which I am a fan of due to their game Puzzle Pirates. The game is also brought by SEGA, which well, everyone knows. Since the game itself is booming with popularity now, and we don't have it in MMOsite's database yet, I wanted to give this game a look and see if it is worth all of the buzz about it. 

Character creation in the game is fairly simple, which seems to be the premise of the game. There are no classes, as everyone in the game is dubbed a knight. So when brought to the creation you are offered the ability to change your helmet, your armor, (Spiral Knights Gold)the design of the armor, and your personal color. Also before any of you get confused the armor and helm selections are for looks, not different bonuses or anything like that, the later selections are based more off of stats and things of that nature. The helmet and armor only have about three choices each, which are fairly limited, but it is forgiven, and I will tell you why later. The design basically is more like a first color while the personal color is a second color, meaning you can choose two different color sets for your tiny knight, but the personal color will give you a lot more options. I am not sure why they didn't just set multiple color templates for you to truly choose on your own, but to each their own I guess. I was able to find a color mix that fit me quite well though, so I wasn't totally disappointed.

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