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Tales of Pirates 2 Preview

IGG announced today that they will soon be releasing the sequel to their hit MMO, Tales of Pirates 2. The 3D graphics in Tales of Pirates 2 will receive a massive overhaul with IGG’s latest technology, meaning more freedom of movement, sharper details, and a slew of new systems and features. 

Tales of Pirates 2 will be set in the age of the Vikings. A time of exceptional freedom and brutality. Roaming the seas of northern Europe, player guild’s will be able to engage in intense sea battles using technological superiority and magical power to determine who will own the sea.

The updated Sea Battle System will feature a new place where pirates can wage large scale battles – whether its over a territorial dispute or simply a contest of honor and Tales of Pirates 2 Gold.

The infamous Mazes will be open at certain hours of the day, depending on their locations – waiting to lure players in with the promise of treasure and wealth. Once inside, players will hunt for treasure, while keeping an eye on the clock. The mazes are time-limited and there are a myriad of challenges and monsters awaiting pirates once they are deep inside.

Even bar fights, a staple of pirate movie lore, will have their place in Tales of Pirates 2. Players will have the option to duel it out with another player as soon as they step foot in any of the many TOP2 Gold scattered throughout the land.

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