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Tera: The Roles for Each Class

Tera Multi Shot is the first skill an Archer purchases from the trainer after reaching level two. While other classes are able to hit more enemies with their AoE attack, an Archer can only hit up to f..


2nd Closed Beta New Contents Preview

TERA has attracted a lot of attention because of its gorgeous graphics and non-targeting mode. What exciting content will be unveiled during the second closed beta test of TERA? Lets take a quick look..


the political system

Tera Gold) post in the center of the PVP to the battlefield should expect a lot of players, so for PVP can increase the effective use of skills is also planned.To stop leveling the full class will rai..


TERA: Arborea unveiled 3

Tera Gold. Therefore the Humans decided to forge an alliance named the Valkyon Federation with the Castanics, the Amani, the Poporis, the Barakas and the High Elves, the main factions of the world. Th..


Details released regarding TERA Online

TERA Online. The lands of TERA are divided up into territories that elected players called Vanarchs can control. In order for a player to be elected into the Vanark position is through an election sys..


TERA Signs Deal With Crisp Thinking to Integrate Community Moderating

TERA, a next-generation, MMORPG to be launched in Spring 2012 by En Masse Entertainment.TERA Gold farming, griefing and spamming unchecked, these threats can destroy even the most popular online game..