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Uncharted Waters Online introduces Ottoman Empire

The Angkor update brings a wealth of new features to Uncharted Waters Online. In the South East Asia region, mysterious legends unfold within the bustling villages and lush landscape. Exciting quests in the ruins of Angkor Wat will entertain players, while recently-discovered travel routes guide them through the beautiful wilderness. Unique to this update is a brand new naval battle system featuring 10 vs. 10 PvP battles where two countries fight for control of the sea. These battles can rage on for 7 straight days, with qualified players recruiting the best Battle Ships to fill out their crew. With special rewards and advantages at stake, these spontaneous battles give Uncharted Waters Online a whole new level of strategy. Also, now that the South Pacific seas are wide open, advanced players can embark on the World Tour Challenge, sailing around the entire gameworld. Along the way, they’ll encounter new challenges and a variety of quirky sidequests.

Unlike many MMOPRGs, Uncharted Waters Online lets players strategize their moves in advance, letting them shape the gameworld around them. A hurried strategy may work in the early stages, but as the game progresses, careless players may wind up with a fleet full of cannonball holes! Flexibility is also a key factor in Uncharted Waters Online Gold. Under the Adventure, Trade or Battle Class, players can then choose from over a hundred jobs, letting them earn loot as they socialize with friends. Finally, the in-game money system rivals that of a real-world economy. Beyond just trading goods, players can get involved with investing, regional politics and diplomacy to influence Uncharted Waters Online‘s currency exchange.


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