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War of Angels Ranger Class Description

Grab some ammo pouches and arrow quivers, the Ranger class is here to unleash hell. War of Angels, the free-to-play epic fantasy massively multi-player role-playing game (MMORPG) from Neowiz Games, is currently in open beta but poised to officially launch. The epic fantasy MMORPG offers players four character classes to start: Fighter, Mage, Ranger and Rogue.

Rangers attack from a distance and stun opponents as effective combatants. Proficient in using bows and guns, Rangers rely on agility to boost hit rate and evasion. Rangers must rely on cunning and wits to make up for their lower damage. At level 20, Rangers can choose one of two distinctive specialization paths: the gun-specializing Hunter, whose honed skills deal massive damage from a distance, or the bow-specializing Archer, who use camouflage and trapping to evade enemies.

Though Rangers have lower damage and armor capabilities, their ability to attack from a distance and to stun and snare targets will (War of Angels Gold)make them a favored class for PvP-oriented players.

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