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Aika Online Review: Gun-Kata Women? I'm In! 1

Aika Online is an action-packed MMORPG famous for its nonstop PVP experience. The game has been blessed with enthusiastic reviews, all praising its supposed quality of gameplay. After seeing tons of awards bestowed upon it during the 2009 Korean Game Awards, I couldn't help but be drawn to its fame and glory. It is one of the most famous MMORPGS in Korea today, so I'm expecting no less from the famous Aika Gold. Again, the game is praised for its PVP features such as its astonishing 1000 vs 1000 RVR (that's a lot of players!). This means that you will always have people to kill regardless of how bad your virtual bloodlust is. The game is also epically stylish combat-wise, meaning it's not your average everyday MMO that features a single slash or attack animation per character. Will 2009's Best Game of The Show live up to our expectations?

There are six classes in the game, each with their own unique playstyle and GENDER (that's right! Genderlocking!). Anyway, the classes are separated via archetype, meaning there are two melee characters (Paladin and Warrior), two long ranged ones (Dual Gunners and Rifleman), and two magic users (Warlock and Cleric). Yes, it's amazing how both genders play differently from one another, but that's not really the thing here (talk about sexists). Aside from the class option, you are given a small selection of premade faces and hairstyles to choose from. The graphics are solid, that much I can assure you, but it always pays to look different from everyone. Anyway, if you're into stylish suits, there's no doubt that this game will satisfy your lust for fashion as the characters do look exquisite in every way. There's definitely enough fanservice pretty boys and underboobs to keep you company all the way. I guess the sad part is that the armor sets will be the only ones that will differentiate you from each other.


After enduring a series of grindfests, you'll be prompted to get your first Pran. Prans are technically magical loli girls who sort of acts like the pets in the game; however, unlike the player characters, these cute little girls actually evolve and grow up depending on how you play your cards (which will be further discussed). Much like pets, Prans can learn combat spells which can aid you well in battle. Since you're bound to take on a wave of monsters soon, it'd be wise to strengthen your Pran as early as possible. Perhaps the best thing about Prans is how you can customize them to complement your playstyle. Whether you want a damaging buffer or a healing little dodger, you'll find that there's enough Prans to go around. Prans start out as freaky long-legged Tinkerbell ripoffs but will eventually take on a scrumptious humanoid anime girl form after a period of time. Her form changes depending on how you treat her, so make sure you toughen her up if you're looking to acquire a tough cookie.


One additional factor that makes this game a unique experience for everyone is the quest dialogue. Unlike other games that force you to read a big block of quest text before letting you get a piece of the action, Aika Gold gives players the ability to respond through a series of premade replies much similar to that of single-player games. This system is also essential for your Prans' growth as most of the changes that are bound to occur greatly relies on how you treat her. It's actually a great way of strengthening the bond between a player and his pet; too bad other games don't give you this much interaction.


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