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Aika Global Introduces New Dungeons

Aika Online. These two new dungeons feature seven bosses in addition to hordes of monsters to cut through to get there. In addition, Aika Online will be celebrating October with Happy Halpereen and th..


AIKA: Latest Mount System Preview

- Attributes enhanced on special mounts (enhance more attributes than regular mounts)- Enhance mounts with special equipment- Equip equipment (three pieces at most) on mounts to enhance their abilitie..


Aika Online OBT Tops Chart

Aika Online entered MUD4Us Top Anticipated MMOs in Korea chart at No. Aika Online is scheduled to enter open beta. In Aika Online, players will not only be able to enjoy monster fighting fun, but also..


AIKA Online: Focus Group Test Start

AIKA Online released at last years GStar? It seems like Shaiya but has more beautiful graphics I think.aika gold a tester meeting will be hold, and then more introduction and new movies of AIKA will b..


Aika Online Review: Gun-Kata Women? I'm In! 1

Aika Online is an action-packed MMORPG famous for its nonstop PVP experience. The game has been blessed with enthusiastic reviews, all praising its supposed quality of gameplay. After seeing tons of a..


Aika Epic II: Exodus is Now Live

Aika Online s mighty epic has arrived! Epic II: Exodus introduces vast zones, legendary bosses, and impressive items. With the old world crumbling behind them, the people of Aika must flee to the isla..