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Anarchy Online - Alien Invasion launches

The ultimate sci-fi MMORPG is about to get even better !

Funcom announces that Anarchy Online - Alien Invasion launches September 1st. The new expansion pack promises to bring Anarchy Online to a whole new level, making the ultimate sci-fi MMORPG even better. In a genre dominated by fantasy titles, Funcom brings a clear and exciting sci fialternative to all MMORPG fans Anarchy Credits.

"With the coming of Alien Invasion we are virtually changing the entire face of Rubi-Ka as the players repel a massive world-spanning alien invasion,"  Anarchy Credits said Game Director Marius Enge. "Not only do we seek to become even better at the fast-paced sci-fi action we are known for, we are also adding plenty of new social features like player-made towns and guild houses."

To celebrate the launch Funcom has released the official Alien AO Credits
Invasion trailer: Anyone who is interested in Massively Multiplayer Online games is advised to take a look:

New Action Features:

- Repel massive world-spanning invasions by a ferocious alien race

- Provoke alien city invasions! Experience epic large-scale warfare
for entire guilds!

- Attack and board alien spaceships AO Credits 

- Discover and utilize powerful alien weapons, armor, technology and

- Challenge yourself on numerous new quests

- Experience a brand new beginner area Anarchy Credits

New Social Features:

- Build epic cities with powerful benefits

- Construct towering guild houses

- Decorate cities with extra fixtures

- Set up your own player-controlled shops

- Access revised tradeskill interface and item search tool Anarchy Credits

- Dress up in a wide array of exciting new social clothes

- Rule the sky in futuristic flying vehicles Anarchy Credits

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