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Welcome to Anarchy Online

Winner of 20 international awards, Anarchy Online, a MMORPG released in 2001, is one of few popular MMORPG's that is set in a Science Fiction themed universe. Anarchy Online's Four Expansions: The Notum Wars, Shadowlands, Alien Invasion and Lost Eden have added tons of content to this high-intensity, epic game. With a friendly, large and established player community to guide you through a game with unparalleled character customization, you can get into the game quickly through the free Anarchy Online Client Download system. Buy an Anarchy Online account, or boost your current Anarchy Online account with Anarchy Online Credits. We are currently looking for an Anarchy Online Guide supplier for Anarchy Online Game Guides. 

The subscription cost of Anarchy Online starts from 7.95eu/$7.95 a month, and the core game plus the first expansion is offered as a free download from the Free Anarchy Credits Online Client Download system. Other expansions must be purchased, though free trials are available via theAnarchy Credits Online website.

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